Dr Martina A. Doolan, Receiving my UK National Teaching Fellowship Award at the Higher Education Academy Awards ceremony, 2007 (held by 0.2% of the UK academic population as of 2019).

‘A very proud moment for me, being awarded [NTF] by the Minister of Education in the UK, which has given me a voice in promoting and raising the value of learning and teaching.’


Awards and Prizes

2020 Nominated by a student for VC award for ‘Tutor of the Year’.


She is one of the most impactful tutors I have experienced so far in academics. The effort she puts into lectures and the way she supports each student in a class of more than 100 candidates is remarkable. Her experience and knowledge is not only her achievements but her art of delivering to the students marks it an asset for the students.

2019 Nominated by a colleague for VC award for ‘Colleague of the Year’.


Martina is a people person, always optimistic with a warm, sunny disposition. She loves people, works hard, and is a fabulous mentor to others. Time spent in her company always lifts the spirit of colleagues around her!

2018 International Federation of National Teaching Fellows (IFNTF) lifetime membership award.
2017 Nominated by a colleague for VC award for ‘Manager of the Year’.


Martina aspires me to be a better person, she always supports in the advancement of my career development by nudging me…is always there to listen, she is caring with the utmost integrity…Martina stays true to herself is a people person who believes in me and encourages high expectations

2015 Best Prize, Women Leaders, Inspiring Women in Higher Education, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.
2014 Nominated by a colleague for the VC Award for ‘Outstanding Service’.


Ask any colleague and they will tell you that Martina is passionate about students and colleagues in the pursuit of driving forward the university agenda around education and people. Martina remains a beacon of positivity when faced with failure and success, through her actions and words Martina inspires us to do the best for the ‘good of all’“.

2009 Teaching Fellowship, University of Hertfordshire. “Martina is consistently above average in SFQs with 95%+, low failure rates on courses 9–11%, and consistent complimentary reviews on external examiner reports are further concrete evidence of excellence” (Head of School).
2007 UK National Teaching Fellowship (Conferred by the UK Minister of HE – a prestigious award held by 0.2% of the academic population as of 2019) – in recognition of my outstanding impact on student learning and the teaching profession across the UK.
2003/04 Vice-Chancellor (VC) Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.


Martina always strives to improve her methods, often by making use of technologies previously unused in an educational setting. Not only does this show that she is very much in love with new technology, but also that she is so passionate about furthering the knowledge and understanding of others, that she endeavours to develop new means of doing so” (Student).

2004 – Since 2004 I have been nominated by students for the VC award for Tutor of the Year.